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Scholarship Funds for Veterans

At Transition U, we believe that the dedication and sacrifices made by our veterans should be met with equal commitment from our end. Recognizing veterans' unique challenges in transitioning to civilian life, we've established a scholarship fund to help bridge the gap.

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Apply  For the Scholarship Fund June 2024


Qualification and Application:

Veterans who meet specific criteria can apply for funding. This grant aims to support those pursuing further education or apprenticeship programs, ensuring they have the necessary resources to succeed in their chosen fields.

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Emergency Relief for Active Military Service Members

The rigors and unpredictability of active military life can sometimes lead to unforeseen hardships. To address this, Transition U provides emergency relief grants tailored for our active military service members.


Whether it's a sudden family crisis, unexpected financial challenges, or urgent health concerns, we're here to help. Our emergency relief initiative is designed to offer quick assistance when our service members need it the most.

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